Let Freedom Ring

Even though Max isn’t legally an American yet, we celebrated 4th of July this weekend. It was so nice to have Jared home and with us again. The world is as it should be again! I think part of Max knew he was gone. He just kept looking at him with these huge smiles and then look at me as if to say, “He’s here! He’s really, really here!” before looking back at his daddy and breaking out into more massive smiles.

The boy is in love with his daddy.

So in love with this daddy...

We celebrated by going to one of our favourite family destinations – Bunnings – to spend a gift certificate on some gardening items. In a tribute to freedom, Max got to ride in the Bunnings cart for the first time. He loved it. He loved eating it even more.

Newfound Freedom

We also honoured freedom by having dinner with David Batstone, author of the book Not For Sale.

An estimated 27 million people around the globe suffer from slavery. After illegal drug sales and arms trafficking, human trafficking is today the third most profitable criminal activity in the world, generating $31 billion annually. As many as half of all those trafficked worldwide for sex and domestic slavery are children under 18 years of age.

We are so excited to have David and his team here for a few days to share with us his findings and help us get better equipped to address  modern day slavery here in Australia and in the nations we reach out to.

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy 4th!


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