Showing Off

The Townsville Show was happening this weekend and since we live one block behind the Showgrounds, we have a front row view of the lights, the rides, the smells and the sounds. In fact, even typing this in my living room with all the doors and windows closed, I can hear echoing voices booming across the Show – “Dagwood Dogs! Get your Dagwood Dogs! Step right up! Everyone’s a winner!” (Or something to that affect.) And later tonight, we will get to partake in the annual fireworks show. We Americans always enjoy this as it almost always falls on 4th of July so we feel like its a special celebration for us!

Max does love potatoes!

What was special about this year’s Show is that we got to promote the YWAM Medical Ship. Our team created a fantastic space and engaged kids with a spin the wheel for a free prize (I WANT TO LIVE badges were a favourite, as were the YWAM stickers) and adults with cold water, a place to sit, and a fantastic TV presentation.

Tell! Give! Go!

We will have the opportunity to share the Millennium Development Goals with thousands this weekend – and how they can help achieve them through YWAM’s project in PNG. What a fantastic opportunity!


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