Paddy Melons, Pythons, and Kookaburras – OH MY!

This week was our annual staff retreat and with the Medical Ship crew all joining us, it made for a very special occasion indeed! For most of our staff, the many trips up to this special place make this a long-anticipated event, with the sweet memories of past trips almost as precious as the new adventures we are eager to have!


This trip was extra-special for us as the last trip I was nearly half way through my pregnancy with Max and the time before that, well, he was just deciding to make his appearance into my belly. THIS TIME, however, we got to introduce our sweet little bundle to the joys of camping and also this special place.

Welcome to the bush, Little Man!

Normally I like to think I’m a fairly relaxed mom, but this time I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about two things:

1 – Learning how to keep a baby warm (can I just say he’s slept in a nappy and either a onesie or nothing else for almost every night of his life, so learning to do blankets and proper jammies and the rest with no climate control was a tad bit daunting!?)

2- Figuring out how to keep him quiet all night long with 150 sleeping people – most of whom are either not used to babyhood, or are new babies themselves who I didn’t want Max to wake up!!

Fortunately with a few extra cuddles, we figured both out better than I anticipated and had an absolute blast.

Toasty Cuddles!

We enjoyed the sights, the smells, the warmth of the campfire, and the thrill of chilly noses. We relished in the wildlife (we saw paddy melons, pythons, and kookaburras – all Aussie favourites!), worshiped with our friends, relaxed, and looked forward to the future.

  • Max’s highlights – playing with his friends Riikka and Levi, getting to know four kids who have just joined us on staff, eating grass, getting cuddles from all mom and dad’s friends and getting to rock to sleep in our arms or the pram for pretty much every sleep time!
  • Jared’s highlights – lots of time to read, all day long to spend with Max, and the gummy candies I packed as a treat!

  • Rebekah’s highlights – heaps of games, good chats around the campfire, and getting to just stop for a couple of days for the first time since Max arrived.

It… was… wonderful.

Jared is still camping with the DTS. There are our first nights away from him since being in the hospital for Max’s birth and our only contact has been a phone message he made with the satellite phone (love that thing.)  However, Max and I are enjoying some quality time together and the leftover smell of campfire smoke in our hair while our hearts are excited for our love to come home!



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