Happy Land Day To You!

One of my favourite parts about volunteering with  YWAM is all of the cultures we are exposed to. We have SO much to learn from one another. Tonight, while Jared is still away, Max and I had the honour of attending a Fijian Land Celebration.

Long story short, our friend and next door neighbour Amenatave Tuibua, has recently had his land restored to their tribe in Fiji. This was a long time coming and a very significant event. Mena had hoped to attend the official celebration in Fiji, but travel plans did not work out so his precious Aussie wife, Shey, planned a celebration right next door!

We sat on grass mats, many wore sulus, and there were curries galore! Of course, there is always a mix of cultures and we sang “Happy Land Day To You” (to the tune of Happy Birthday)

Even though I’m sure he won’t remember this specific event, I’m SO glad that Max gets to take part in these special events and growing up with this amazing awareness and understanding of different cultures.

Happy Land Day, Mena!

Max Getting Ready to Give Uncle Mena His Land Day Present


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