It was April 2007. Jared & I had just been married. Our engagement was what I like to call a calculated whirlwind. It would be a long engagement or a short one. We chose a short one, knowing it would mean we’d have to spend time apart.

This was the week of many we’d spend apart. I was at a conference for YWAM iin the Pacific. And it was there that a dream was born – for Australia to have a medical ship.

Fast forward three years to February 2010. It was the very week our first little boy was born that this special ship arrived in Australia.

And another four months to June 21, 2010. My 30th birthday. And the day the ship arrived in its new home… our home… Townsville…

Max took naps on the ship, played with people he didn’t know, and ministered with his baby babbles and smiles to many who were exhausted under the pressure of this amazing undertaking.

Jared was our hero, leading a DTS and somehow popping up at just the right time to put Max to sleep or bring me a plate of lunch. The man makes a mean sandwich and though he always puts a lot more chips on the plate than I would ever give myself, they’re always gone by the time I’m finished.

And then there was me, sneaking away from meetings to feed my little man, secretly loving the fact that I got to be the mommy and the messenger all at once.

ItsĀ  been a long time coming. But she’s here.


You'd think we could've found a better photo to mark the occassion with!


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