The Non-Belly Picture

Well, at 16 weeks the little bub and I had lots of wonderful meetings this week. I must be honest. Each month I think to myself, “Maybe I will have a little belly this month!” But alas, each month, it still seems to be hiding. I took a photo at 6 weeks, right when we found out I was pregnant and it doesn’t look much different than this one. Everyone has been asking for a picture and I figured I might as well just get SOMETHING up there! 🙂 For the record, I did read in What to Expect that sometimes girls with really strong abs show later. So… I’ll claim that one! 😉

It was a wonderful week of meetings, by the way. From meeting at Parliament House with several of our nation’s key leaders, to a private tour of the Queensland Parliament with the Former Speaker, not only was it a fruitful time but also quite a privilege to be escorted by such a well-respected person. Every where we go we seem to find great support for the Ship Tour and more ideas of how we can strengthen both Australia & PNG. It is an exciting time indeed!

Jared and the team have one more week in PNG before they return and I must say, I think its going to be a very slow week for me!! 🙂 They are doing really well though… and looking forward to being home to share all their stories!


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