Moving House

Okay, its been far too long since the Hoovers have done any updating. Blame it on the pregnancy exhaustion… or the busyness of leading a DTS… or starting a new medical ship ministry… or any number of other things.

Life gets busy but we want to make sure we keep staying connected because the reality is we love you… and we need you… and we like to hear about your lives so we’re guessing you like to hear about ours! 🙂

So a bit of an update, we moved house last weekend. This new place is such a huge blessings! (Huge being the key word!) We went from a tiny little two bedroom (or as I like to call it 1 bedroom with a big closet) flat into a huge three bedroom house. There’s space to do my pregnancy pilates exercises without kicking the furniture, a DISHWASHER (which we have not had in 5 years), a beautiful bay window in our bedroom, and even a real driveway (which means less car washing since we were on dirt before and it was filthy constantly!) We are feeling pretty darn blessed. And even though we have a fair bit more moving in to do and a lot more housework/yard work to maintain, it is really really lovely.

Jared & I are travelling our separate ways again… he is in Papua New Guinea and I am off to Canberra and Brisbane. We’re both actually doing preparation for the ship which is exciting. Its been amazing to see all the doors open up in this area and we are stoked to be a part of it.

No pictures this time… Jared has the camera in PNG… so I’ll keep it simple and sign off! 🙂 Miss you and love you all!

With much love from all three Hoovers,
Jared, Rebekah, and the little baby the size of an orange!


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