A Nine-Year Dream Come True: Rebekah’s Return to PNG

After 9 years of dreaming, I finally made it back to Papua New Guinea.

My first trip to PNG was also my first time overseas and it made an incredible mark on me as a young 19 year old. I fell in love with the country… the people, the place, the adventure. Everything about it was what I had always dreamed being a missionary was about and since then I have been dreamed to go back.

My second trip, just this week, was a far cry from the first. I traded my mari-blaus (traditional dress) for a suit, and instead of wokim bilum (weaving bags) with the village women, I was shaking hands with dignitaries. It wasn’t anything like I imagined my return to PNG to be and I still long to sit in the village with my old friends and to make new ones, but for now, this trip was an incredible moment in my history and in that of YWAM’s.

We met with some wonderful leaders in the land and saw many wonderful successes for the upcoming ship tour. This is not a place for the breadth of the detail, but all these little hints to say I think there are some very wonderful things in store for this nation and I am so privileged – 9 years later – to be a part of it!


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