I Love When My Kitchen Is Pink

The other day, I was walking through my kitchen and noticed it was a strange shade of pink. Instantly, I knew that behind my hideously ugly and deteriorating green curtain, I would find one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I called Jared in for the big reveal and as I pulled back the forest green screen, my breath was taken away. The sky was an endless array of bright pink and we were so in awe of the beauty our God had created and our gratefulness to be included in such a sacred moment.

Our lives have been very busy lately. Jared was camping, I was in Adelaide, I’m now going to Papua New Guinea in less than a week. Its been a pace we haven’t done as a family and yet somehow God has been ordaining our steps in ways that we are constantly in awe of.

And in the midst of that, its been those little moments that are striking me. Seeing my husband’s shining brown eyes hidden behind his scruffy camping beard… a friend calling to say she was coming over to clean my house just to bless me. And that sunset… that beautiful sky that turned my kitchen to a ridiculous shade of pink. God is good. LIFE is good.


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