Free Tickets to the Football?

Sometimes doing Public Relations for an organisation has some really fun perks! Last weekend, we got free tickets to a professional Cowboys game… but more importantly, we got to promote Youth Street there! What an awesome opportunity! I had a blast laughing with the teenagers there. They sure are cheeky and quite talented. What a great generation we have being raised.

Here is an article I wrote from the day:

Attendees at last Saturday’s NRL (National Rugby League) game at Dairy Farmer’s Stadium were greeted by cheerful faces from YWAM’s Youth Street program.

The volunteers were there to cheer on the North Queensland Cowboys as well as to promote Youth Street, the peer-based mentoring program which runs every Saturday at YWAM Reef to Outback. Heaps of 12-17 year olds were provided with information about the program at the gates and curious onlookers wondered about the large yellow letters the group was holding.

During the game, the classic promo video for Youth Street was played on the jumbo Harvey Norman screen and announcers shared details of Youth Street in both Townsville and Mount Isa.

Beyond the promotions, it was a night to connect with youth. Many young people who attended the game were curious about these adults who were interested in them. They joked, laughed, played guitar and asked questions. During half time, more than 40 of them were given a free pass to attend Youth Street.

The night was great for the youth and for the Cowboys – who happened to win the game. And it seems a few of the staff weren’t too disappointed with the opportunity to see an awesome game… and even a few who toured the professional facility afterward!


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