Extreme Makeover: Hoover Edition

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If you knew me in 2004, you would’ve known about my obsession with my flatmate Courtney, our next door neighbours Laurah and Jenny… and Ty Pennington. Every Sunday night, the girls would make a cake (which was big because Laurah was a health nut to the umpth degree) and let Ty make us bawl our eyes out with one story of redemption as a family’s house was rebuilt. It was beautiful ever single week.

Not too long ago, while I was on a trip to Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, I had my own extreme bathroom makeover by a much more handsome and clever carpenter: Jared Paul Hoover. It was meant to be a surprise but I’ll be honest… I’m a little bit too curious for my own good sometimes and I found out well before Jared intended. However, I was just as excited finding out from my bed in Sydney as I would’ve been had I walked in and seen the stunning bathroom all re-done the first time.

Our moms have been begging for pictures, so… in all its glory, here is a video of our extreme bathroom make over! If you’re curious to what our flat looked like before, just have a look down below!

I’ll be a bit nerdy and admit that some of the things that have excited me most is having a linen cupboard and the washing machine INSIDE the house and the water heater OUTSIDE of the hallway! We’re so grateful for our leaders here who helped fund the remodel and give the time and space for Jared to make it happen. And of course, I’m incredible grateful for this amazing man I get to call my husband!

The old house:


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