Another Adventure Has Begun!

Last Sunday, we welcomed 10 new friends into our home and into our lives. That’s right. It was the beginning of the April 2009 DTS and Jared will be leading it again this year, along with our friends Kim, Helen and Ben.

The students come from Canada, the US, Australia & New Zealand and they are all looking forward to a great adventure – both physically and spiritually. It was a fun first week. We kicked off with a big roast dinner to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday, and then headed to Crystal Creek (beautiful waterfalls) for the Day 1 get to know you time.

Jared and I both had the opportunity to teach this week and we had a blast! I taught one day on “Hearing God’s Voice” and Jard taught the next day on “God’s Love Story.” I also taught on the January DTS last week helping with some of their preparations for outreach and the future.

As Jared & the staff prayed for this group, they had a strong sense that they would come with very willing hearts and hungry for God and as I sat with them last week, I was convinced that God was right! Please join us in praying with these guys that they would soak it all up!

Personally, we are very excited about this season but also very cautious because we have found ourselves with more on our plates than ever before. Things continue to escalate in regard to the medical ship that is coming. I am blown away at times at how cool it is to work with this project! That said, we covet your prayers in this season for us as individuals and as a family.

Specifically, please pray with us that:

* We would continue to be rooted and grounded in God’s love. That we would seek His intimacy and truth for our strength and joy.

* We would know how to multiply ourselves and who to invest into. We can’t carry things alone and believe that God wants to release others into their destinies too!

* Protection over our relationship. The DTS always means less one-on-one time for the two of us and we want to walk in the grace and anointing of God’s calling in that.

* A sharpening of our minds and spirits as we make decisions and plans.

Thanks so much! We love you! 🙂

Jared & Rebekah


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