The Hoovers Are Alive

Its been the longest time I’ve gone without updating our website since I don’t know how long… Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to since January, when we received our Permanent Residency!

Surviving Flood & Fire
We were shocked at the natural disasters that were wreaked on Australia this year. We had incredible rains here in Townsville (it was so wet, the water soaked in through the wood of our house and caused mold to grow inside!) and also survived some near-miss cyclones. About 45 minutes north in Ingham, where Jared & I have been for ministry trips many times, they were COMPLETELY under water (see photo below). Also earlier this year were the devastating fires on the opposite end of the nation which destroyed many farms and took many lives.

Gallivanting Around the World
Okay, maybe that’s a small exaggeration but we did take a three week trip to North America thanks to a Qantas two-for-one sale. We weren’t expecting to be able to make it to America so soon but couldn’t pass up the deal! It was a great time to see family and friends and give our nieces and nephews lots of cuddles and kisses.

Traveling, Constructing and Changing Lives
I’ve been Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra meeting with people in regard to the YWAM Australia and PNG Ship Tour. Jared has been doing heaps of remodels around the place, working late nights and weekends to finish in time for the April DTS, which starts on Sunday. I don’t know how he does it! But I’m really grateful because our house was one of the remodels and it looks BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes I think I really am married to Superman.

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary
I was technically away in Melbourne for our special day, but we did get the chance to have dinner together and spend some time praying and journaling about what we’ve learned in the past year of marriage together. We had a very special time together and are really amazed that God has brought us together. As wonderful and romantic and fun as marriage is, we both agree that God uses it for a lot greater purpose than us wearing a pretty ring. In fact, we’re pretty darn stoked that God is using our relationship to further His kingdom. As it says in our wedding band, “No man lives unto himself.” Its a good reminder as we look to the future!

Anyway, I’m really sorry that in the midst of all the busyness, we haven’t taken the time to update. There are good excuses… our computer breaking, traveling in places without good internet access, etc. etc. but at the same time, you are so important to us and we know there are many out there praying for us and we want to keep you updated! 🙂 We appreciate the grace and hope to have the updates rolling regularly again!

Jared & Rebekah


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