Permanent! Some Exciting and Groundbreaking News

It was a stormy night and I was home alone, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jared, who has been playing in a basketball tournament every night this week. I heard the back door open and he called you, “Hello there, Permanent Resident!” to which I replied by running into his arms and saying, “Hello to you, Permanent Resident!”

Its true! After several months of applications and processes, Jared and I were thrilled to get the news that our Permanent Residency Visa has been approved!! We are so grateful to God and to our friend Naomi for helping us with this process!

Last night, we celebrated with a toast of chocolate milk and a McDonalds dinner! Haha

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. This is incredibly equipping for us as we continue our work in Australia and as the first ones on staff at YWAM RTO to get this visa, it is very significant for our centre as well!

Its still raining today… two students for our January intake of new missionaries have arrived and we are stoked to meet the rest this weekend… and then to visit everyone in WI and WA in February!!


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