It’s Raining, Its Pouring and NO ONE is Snoring

We have had some monsoon rain storms the past few days. Its been raining so hard that it wakes us up at night with the noise!! After some incredible electrical storms (we’re talking trees and telephones being hit in our neighbourhood), we are now getting some intense rains and winds.

We are SO grateful to be living in a house that doesn’t flood completely every time it rains!! If you were reading our blog last year, you may have enjoyed our post titled: “The Hoover Dam” articulating the extent we went to protect the inside of our home!! So even though we have been getting completely drenched outside (even with a raincoat and umbrella), its nice to be dry inside!!

The repercussions for our outreach teams have been pretty interesting. Here is an article I wrote for our base news on the situation:

With over 7 inches of rain in 24 hours, North Queensland has been hit by quite the storm. Fortunately, the infrastructure has handled the downpour fairly well with minimal damage and no know injuries; however, the weather has caused for some changes in plans for the DTS outreach teams here at YWAM Reef to Outback!

Our team to Darwin and East Timor was scheduled to make the 3-day drive up north to Darwin; however, the roads flooded so much that they were unable to go. Instead they will fly to Darwin on Wednesday and fortunately found tickets that were quite affordable.

The Palm Island/Mt Isa team headed north to Lucinda where they would take the barge over to the Island and were turned away because the ship couldn’t handle the stormy waters. We were also told that the flights were turned around as well!

Another DTS from YWAM Newcastle were meant to be heading straight to Mt Isa, but again, flooded roads have kept them back in Townsville, along with our Mt Isa youth centre team.

So, what was meant to be an OUTreach to the ends of the earth has turned into a massive, surprise INreach. Leave it to our amazing DTS friends (and their outreach coordinators). They were nearly immediately busy in school holiday programs, working around the base and all sorts of community volunteering while they wait for the weather to clear.

Its been quite and adventure! The teams that flew to Thailand and Papua New Guinea made their journey safely and are having great success.


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